Outdoor services

Mighty Tikes Movement Program
A 30 minute exercise session for children ages 5 to 7.  This movement class will focus on getting a child moving through utilization of fun and innovative cardiovascular and weight bearing exercises.

MiniFit Movement Program
A 30 minute exercise session for children ages 8 to 10.  Our “Muscular Integration Neuro Improvement” class will get a child moving through specialized coordination and balance drills, strength drills and cardiovascular drills.  Exercise is correlated with improved brain function and has positive impacts on learning!

“ABC” Training Program (Athletic Boot Camp)
A 45 minute group exercise session targeting children ages 11 to 14.  The ABC training session will include exciting agility, balance and coordination, cardiovascular and strength drills to improve overall physical fitness.

Base2 (Body Balance, Agility, Acceleration, Speed, Strength, Endurance2) Boot Camp
A 45 minute group training program for persons age 15 and older.  This class will incorporate all aspects of the BASE model to generate total body balance.  

All Outdoor Services are a 4 Week program at 2 Classes per week for $96.00 (Only $12.00 / session!  Compare this to a single personal training session at a gym $50.00)


Additional services

In home Personal Training Program
Are you uncomfortable in a large gym setting?  We will come to you!  Get a complete workout in the comforts of your own home.  This 1 hour session will be tailored to your personal health and fitness goals. $40.00/Hr

“NET” Shopper
“Nutritional Education Training” through a personal guided grocery shopping experience.  In a 1 hour session learn how to read nutrition food labels and choose healthy foods for you and your family. $60.00/Hr

Home Fitness Party!
Socialize and Exercise.  Invite up to 15 of your close friends for a fun filled exercise experience with your pals.  Don’t worry about providing the equipment all you need is one spacious room or a back yard.  $100.00/Hr (Split the cost with your friends!)

Corporate Fitness Management
Please call or email for details on this service.

Speed and Agility Clinics
Please call or email for details on this service.

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