BaseIC Industrial Construction Fitness

BASE-IC is a jobsite fitness and wellness program designed to help employees develop a better sense of well-being, by providing basic nutrition information and enhancing flexibility and strength through a specially-designed series of training exercises. Being more healthy and fit can help prevent work-related injuries.




On Site Services

Ø      Nutritional Education and Consultation

Ø      Work Specific Exercise Program Development

Ø      Health Screenings

Ø      Wellness Fairs

Ø      Lunch-and-Learns (Health Related Seminars)




Reasons to Invest into a company wellness program

*      Lower the cost of your insurance premium

*     Reduce the cost of Workman’s Compensation claims

*     Reduce the incidence of strains and sprains

*    Improve employee moral

*    Increase productivity

*   Reduce absenteeism

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Jamie Dubinsky, Owner