My journey started in January of 2009 when I had enough of being overweight.  At 5’11”and 207lbs, I really didn’t think that I was over weight.  Not only did the numbers show, but I was sluggish in my daily activities and just walking up stairs took some of my breath away, scary eh?  After 6 months of training my self, as I once did back in school, I did not see any change; more so I did not feel any change. I got laid off in July and I hit another plummet with my emotions and personality.  In January 2010, still at the weight I was a year ago, I saw an ad that Jamie posted on Facebook about loosing 10 in 2010. As I found with an assessment, 28% of my body was fat!  I am fortunate that I have known Jamie since high school and being that I hit a wall with life, I wanted to do a reuniting and decided to take her challenge.   I am so glad with the decision that I made to go with her.  I have always been active and have played a variety of sports.  With that said, I thought that I knew how to weight train.  Working with Jamie, her knowledge and experience sure taught me just how much I needed to learn.  She works close with you tailoring a workout and a nutrition plan with what goals you wish to attain.  Jamie is there right beside you and works with you above and beyond so that you get out the maximum potential of your body.   As she taught me; both training correct and a good nutrition plans are needed to lead a healthy life.  After an 8 week program my I reached past my goals and lost about 20lb’s.  I am now 183lbs and more important my Body Fat is at 19%! I have so much more energy and a better outlook on lifeIt takes a lot of self discipline, motivation, and a good coach like Jamie.  I could not thank her enough for the tools and knowledge that she has given me, to know now what I want out of lifeBless you as you work and attain your goals!

~Dan Landini



“WHY BE THE BIGGEST LOSER WHEN YOU CAN BE THE BIGGEST IMPROVER?”…The add in the October Pennysaver caught my eye immediately. So I met with Jamie Dubinsky…three 45minute training sessions with her per week for 8 weeks, and then she asks, “could you fit in one more day of cardio on your own?” (I laughed, I’m a person who DRIVES to the post office and it’s only 150yards from my house!) We reviewed my diet, 1500-1600 kcal/day and she said, “no fried foods for the 8 weeks of the competition” and choose “only lean meats like fish, chicken, and turkey.” (I cringed!) She then made a statement about “if it comes from the earth or has a mother” it was ok to eat. “So, no potato chips?” I said, and Jamie rolled her eyes…. And our adventure began. I ate no fried foods, chips or Suzie Q’s! I went to the gym faithfully 4 - 5 days a week. And after 8 weeks, I was 18 pounds lighter; I lost 10% of my body fat and 3 inches from my waist!! Jamie pushed me hard, but I became stronger and I even had more energy. But the best part is… I learned to LIKE exercise!! It’s MY time alone to think of nothing but me (kind of selfish, huh?). I can run a mile for the first time in my life!! I am choosing low fat yogurt over Suzie Q’s and grilled chicken over cheeseburgers and fries, because I want to. Calling Jamie and accepting her challenges was the BEST THING I’ve ever done for myself. If she was able to help make these life changes, she can help anyone. I am a 41-year-old mother of two teenage children. With Jamie’s help I was able to show them their mother was a motivated person who was willing to make changes in my life and I was able to prove to myself that I can do ANYTHING.

~Linda Shearer


When I first met Jamie my health was at an all time low.  I was 243 pounds and my cholesterol and blood pressure were through the roof, not to mention I was wearing a size 44 pants.  I needed a major change in my life, but just did not have the motivation or knowledge of how to get started.  Jamie was the director of the wellness center I joined at work, and her friendly personality made her so easily approachable.  I went to Jamie and asked her for help.  I told her my weight was at an all time high, and my health in general was not good.  I was only 25 years old, and I felt like I was taking years off of my life because of my weight and diet.  Jamie worked with me every step of the way, setting up a convenient workout schedule that included a cardiovascular routine coupled with strength resistance training as well as a healthy, easy to follow diet.  Jamie and I had regular weekly weigh-ins, and also reviewed my diet on a daily basis.  Within weeks the weight starting falling off!  Six months later I have lost a total of 43 pounds and 8 inches off my waist line.  I also have gained invaluable knowledge on physical health and wellbeing that I will carry with me for a lifetime.  Jamie has changed my life and I am forever indebted to her for helping me take back control of my diet.

~Joe Petti

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