Base Fitness will be participating in Cedar Creek's Summer Fest on August 8

Base Fitness and Sports Performance will be participating in Summer Fest at Cedar Creek Park on August 8 from 11AM to 7PM.  We will be promoting our fall "ABC" Athletic Boot Camp class for children as young as 8 and up to age 14.  Please stop by our booth to register your child for the fall class or to obtain more information.  Hope to see you there!

Deadline for July Children's Fitness Programs Approaching!

The deadline to register for the July through August Children's Fitness Programs is Friday, July 9th.  Please mail your forms to the address located on the registration form, along with a check payable to Base Fitness.  Don't miss out on this great opportunity to get your child on the path to a healthy life!

Base Fitness Participating in Mammoth Fest Sunday, June 6th, 11AM-7PM

This Sunday, June 6th, Base Fitness will be participating in Mammoth Fest at Mammoth Park in Mt. Pleasant from 11AM to 7PM.  Please stop by to pick up information on Personal Training and our Children's Fitness programs.  Registration for the summer programs will also take place at our booth.  Admission to the festival is free!  Please see the attached flyer for more exciting details.

2010 Children's Fitness Programs

Are your children spending too much time indoors?

Do you have a growing concern for their health?

We can help! Westmoreland County Parks and Recreation has teamed up with Base Fitness and Sports Performance to offer a unique outdoor fitness program in the County Parks.  Our program will reacquaint your children with the outdoors while providing a safe, supervised, and effective regimen. A variety of fitness camps will be offered for children as young as five up to early adult. Programs will be offered at Cedar Creek Park in Rostraver Township, Mammoth Park in Mount Pleasant Township, and Twin Lakes Park in Greensburg. There is no better way to experience the fun of fitness than within the beautiful parks of Westmoreland County.


Outdoor services

Mighty Tikes Movement Program
A 30 minute exercise session for children ages 5 to 7.  This movement class will focus on getting a child moving through utilization of fun and innovative cardiovascular and weight bearing exercises.

MiniFit Movement Program
A 30 minute exercise session for children ages 8 to 10.  Our “Muscular Integration Neuro Improvement” class will get a child moving through specialized coordination and balance drills, strength drills and cardiovascular drills.  Exercise is correlated with improved brain function and has positive impacts on learning!

“ABC” Training Program (Athletic Boot Camp)
A 45 minute group exercise session targeting children ages 11 to 14.  The ABC training session will include exciting agility, balance and coordination, cardiovascular and strength drills to improve overall physical fitness.

Base2 (Body Balance, Agility, Acceleration, Speed, Strength, Endurance2) Boot Camp
A 45 minute group training program for persons age 15 and older.  This class will incorporate all aspects of the BASE model to generate total body balance.  

All Outdoor Services are a 4 Week program at 2 Classes per week for $96.00 (Only $12.00 / session!  Compare this to a single personal training session at a gym $50.00)


Base Fitness and Sports Performance Philosophy

Base Fitness and Sports Performance was founded in March 2009 by fitness veteran, Jamie Lynn Dubinsky.  The business was established and is based on the premise of reacquainting people with the outdoors and maximizing fitness levels by utilizing body weight and sport performance type exercises.

Our mission is to provide a safe no-fail alternative to the usual gym workout.  Our outdoor group training workouts and educational services will establish a solid foundation of personal fitness, athletic ability, and health awareness to carry throughout a lifetime.

Many people maintain their health by performing their fitness routines within the local gyms, but we need to ask ourselves “How functional and applicable is this routine to my everyday life?”

Functional Training is an exercise continuum involving balance and proprioception (perception of movement and spatial orientation arising from stimuli within the body), performed with the feet on the ground and without machine-assistance, such that strength is displayed in unstable conditions (the outdoors) and body weight is managed in all planes of movement.

Training functionally includes movements similar to the sport being performed and the activities of daily living (ADL), for example walking your pet or bending over to pick up something off the floor.  Besides a toned body, a functional fitness program reaps many benefits such as:

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