November's Recipe - - Vegetarian Vegetable Soup

Don’t let the veggies go to waste!  If you are part of the norm you probably buy too many vegetables and let them sit in your fridge until they go bad.  Here is a great tip to utilize all those fresh vitamin and mineral packed veggies. 

Dice up everything in the veggie drawer except the lettuce (carrots, celery, onions, garlic, green beans, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower, corn, zucchini, etc…).  If you have any type of squash, such as spaghetti squash cut it in half, cover in plastic wrap and place in the microwave for about 7 - 10 minutes.  The squash should be tender and easy to dice.

Place enough olive oil in your soup pot and drop all of the diced veggies into the pot.  Sauté the veggies until they are soft and drain the excess olive oil from the soup pot. 

Add a 16 ounce can of all natural organic diced tomatoes (saltless or low sodium preferred).  If you have an abundance of fresh tomatoes, dice them up in a food processor yielding approximately 16 ounces. 

Add 2 cups of low sodium vegetable broth. 

Feel free to add any fresh herb or dried herb to the soup. 

I also like to add one can of drained low sodium organic garbanzo beans for extra fiber and protein. 

Let the soup come to a boil and reduce to a simmer until all of the flavors have blended.  Add salt and pepper to taste, but remember to hold the salt just a little! 

Soup is also a great starter to your Thanksgiving dinner!

Side Note

NOTE - If you feel the soup is too thick add some water to thin the broth.

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